An amazing true story of a Woman who has endured the hollowing of her spirit, body, and soul. Navigating the changes occurring rapidly in our world is much easier with a map for success and a means to fuel the journey. The story unfolds and describes over 40 years of life that will have you laughing, crying, learning and feeling infuriated at what this woman endured. There is much happiness in her family life and career but also the deep sorrow while battling pancreatic cancer and the loss of her only child. This inspirational memoir is filled with reflections for copious amounts of self-help opportunities; it is truly an inspirational and motivational seminar in a book. Specific tools are shared that help everyone cope with life’s tragedies and make irreversible life and death decisions.  Buckle your seatbelt because Hollowed is a ride you won’t want to pass up.


Hollowed Soldier

Hollowed Soldier is a brave, searingly honest memoir that gives a face and a voice to an all-too-real, all-too-common, and often, all-too-silenced trauma. It is a powerful story of hurt, healing, and, ultimately, hope.
The hollowing begins at the tender age of 19 when she enlists in the United States Air Force. Her time in the military will bring disbelief, outrage, and agony as you read about her experiences, which have shaken her core beliefs and distorted her views of trust and fairness. With each turning of the page, you’ll learn of the significant steps taken to discredit and conceal the tragic rape and wrongful discharge. Travel along to uncover the strength necessary to confront the giant bureaucracy of the VA. This inspirational memoir is filled with reflections for insights to grow and adapt to all the challenges life has to dish out. For an additional journey on a ride that leaves her physically and soulfully hollow, you’ll want to read the book, Hollowed – An Amazing True Story of a Woman Who Endured the Hollowing of Her Spirit, Body, and Soul.



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