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He Walks With Her…..Imagine my surprise.

A little more than two years have passed since our only child Austin passed on at the young age of thirty-two. Imagine my surprise to receive a letter today from a young woman of seventeen who can now walk because of a priceless gift she just received from him. The paper is a light shade

A Small Elephant and a Big Rope!

  It starts with a small elephant and a big rope. You know the story, it’s how humans control an animal that’s greater than we are in both size and strength. It’s also how bullies control others they know will become greater than themselves. When a young elephant is being trained, a thick and heavy

A Blank Slate For The New Year

     Don’t you just love the crisp air that rolls in with the month of January? With all the crazy and stress-causing activities of politics and the struggles of the pandemic, it’s important for me to fuel my emotional diet with nature. I find the light sting of the cold morning air refreshing; bursts

Happy New Year – Let’s Welcome 2021 With Open Arms – AND MASKS ON!

Hello and Welcome to my new site. I’m excited to enter 2021 with a heart filled with optimism and hope. Please come on back to this page next week for exciting news about my case in Hollowed Soldier as well as inspirational messages to take on the days ahead. Cheer’s to a healthy, happy, and