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“I’ve never read a book as personal, inspirational, loving, heartbreaking, comical and REAL as “Hollowed”. Every page is filled with so many gifts. This book is a must read; I couldn’t put it down! Thank you, Annamarie, for sharing your strength, heart and inner soul. Now I’m onto reading your next book, ;Hollowed Soldier’!” Donna Griffin

“This book shares the unique and inspiring story of ones life, that of a true warrior. Annamarie opens up and is completely raw and vulnerable, being a motivational speaker and sharing the moments when life isn’t always as seen on stage. She pulls you in, out of the audience and welcomes you into her life and all the ups and downs that come her way from love to loss and everything in between. Annamarie takes you on a wonderful ride across beautiful waves of emotions as you turn the pages. She shares her struggles but never lets anything stop her from living, her hope is contagious! You feel her positive energy and sense of humor throughout. A truly moving book.” Parker

“A story that is both emotional and with sparks of joy throughout. Annamarie’s approach to life – of choosing to focus on the positive and helping others is displayed over and over, such as with when her husband fought cancer and he wore different hats and brought popsicles to other patients to build a bond and help others smile. I couldn’t help but smile when I read this and it makes me want to aspire to bring that joy to our world like Annamarie does.

She has so many wonder tools and examples AND is able to apply them in the moment. The “piece of fabric” flag and the picking the balls out with one person “take these” and the other “don’t take those” are such good examples of how we’re conditioned to think. I love examples like this that help us see a new perspective. And the boldness to yank out the bra wire and throw it over her shoulder!

I could cite many more examples but will leave those to the reader. In sum, Annamarie expertly weaves together sobering real life events with inspiring and accurate motivational speeches and tools to improve our own lives.” Luke M.


[Following is an official review of “Hollowed” by Annamarie Ibrahim.]

3 out of 4 stars

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Hollowed is a beautifully written memoir by Annamarie Ibrahim. An internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and trainer, a wife, and mother. The author takes us through her life’s journey as a resilient woman who has had her fair share of adversities.

On one fateful day, while delivering a motivational speech, she collapsed on stage and woke up at a local hospital. From that day on, her health took a different turn. The doctors diagnosed her with Sweet’s syndrome, and life as she knew it had to change in order for her to survive. While the family was still focused on her condition, Annamarie’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and began his treatment journey. Shortly thereafter, Annamarie’s condition deteriorated, and she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To stop the spread of cancer, she had to undergo surgery that left her literally hollowed. The surgery was a success; she recovered well and found a way to cope with her new normal. Tragedy struck again, and Annamarie lost her son.

The title of the book intrigued me, and I wondered why the author chose the title Hollowed. As I read through the pages, I found the title to be fitting. Annamarie was hollowed, both physically and spiritually. The ordeals she and her family went through are enough to drive one to insanity. Yet like dust, she continues to rise. The author’s humorous spirit and demeanor subtly shine through each chapter. I enjoyed the sprinkles of humor as they made reading this emotionally charged book pleasant. I liked the cheerful, resilient, and positive outlook of the author. From the first chapter to the last, the book exudes love. Annamarie loved her family deeply, and this was clear.

The events in the book were arranged chronologically. The structure and layout of the chapters enabled the book to flow seamlessly. The author’s explicit explanations and detailed descriptions allowed me to picture the different places they visited.

I came across only one instance of minor profanity and a few typos and grammatical errors. These did not deter me from understanding or enjoying the book. There was nothing I disliked about the book.

This book is inspirational and offers wisdom. I recommend it to readers who have experienced a traumatic event, adversities, or a loss of any kind. They will relate to this book, find comfort, and view grief from a unique perspective. Because of the errors in the book, I am awarding it a rating of 3 out of 4 stars.

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