The Author

Annamarie Ibrahim

Annamarie Ibrahim is a dedicated wife, mother and friend who is more physically hollow than most pumpkins on Halloween. As a successful internationally known keynote inspirational speaker and trainer, she found herself in need of her own teachings. While enduring unimaginable hardships and being forced to take on the US Military and VA, she has had to make incomprehensible decisions. She maintains her humility, humor and extreme playfulness while sharing an extraordinary message. As the founder of Sparkfire Seminars, Annamarie lights a fire in the heart of her audiences while sharing the tips and tools to tackle their own controversies in life. She takes great pride in the knowledge that readers of her books, Hollowed: An Amazing True Story About a Woman Who Endured the Hollowing of Her Spirit, Body and Soul, Hollowed Soldier: Raped in the Military and Abandoned; and her blog enjoy the humorous and insightful manner in which they laugh and learn to live life with greater appreciation and joy; she hopes that her second book will do the same. Annamarie enjoys celebrating life with her husband and dog in their home in the Sierra Foothills of California. She is truly a breath of fresh air and a force of nature!


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