Hollowed by Annamarie Ibrahim

Annamarie Ibrahim has endured the hollowing of her body, spirit, and soul. Beginning with the hollowing of her spirit on October 5, 1977, and concluding with her hollowed soul when her only son, Austin, passed on October 5, 2018, Hollowed shares stories spanning forty years of Annamarie’s life. In this inspirational and motivational memoir, she reflects on her experiences—from the physical hollowing of her body, to helping her husband battle cancer, to grieving the loss of her only child. Annamarie shares the tools she employed to help her navigate life’s journey, manage life’s tragedies, and make irreversible life and death decisions for herself and her only child. In Hollowed, she grieves the hollowing of her spirit with the drastic changes because of illness. She grieves the loss of her body parts when she became physically hollowed. And, she grieves the physique that was free of scars and medical devices. Through struggle and acceptance, she emerges as a positive example, blazing a trail for others to travel if the situation should arise in their life.


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